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write what you know

February 10, 2017

“Write what you know”

I am small, I am afraid, I am worried.
I exist in a forest.
The trees are green and brown and gray
the sky is out there.

I taste sweet and bitter all at once,
not all the same, not every day
but sometimes my salt is too strong for you

There are dragons in my heart,
tigers in my eyes,
crows in my hair

I am not as small as I once was
I still worry

longing, yearning, wanting,
missing reaching, wanting

I want so much

distance, oh the miles, oh the faraway trains
in my long-ago dreams, carry me on and on

notebooks are the best places to put your words
words are the script of your heart

if you write a song and sing it softly
no one but you hears it
no one but the shadows and the quiet
that’s okay
it’s a song just for you

my mouth is bursting with all the kisses I have to give
all the words I need to write
all the things I want to say

“How do you know these things?”
I just do.

“This isn’t what we meant.”
I know that too.

I know them anyway.
I write them anyway.


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  1. This is AMAZING! This poem is ‘just right’ as goldilocks would say 😊

  2. clocktoweratmidnight permalink

    Oh my gosh, thank you! 😀

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