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we never

January 24, 2017

We Never

We never just went for a walk
in the rain
through we did walk in the rain
to go eat, that one day,
it wasn’t raining hard,
but you insisted on bringing an umbrella
I didn’t care
it wasn’t to share

we never just fell asleep in
each other’s arms, it was
always, you murmuring when I
rolled over so we had to
rearrange our bodies,
I never really slept,
too aware of another body being
so close

we never wrote a long letter
how we feel – except I did
because words “were my thing”
as you are fond of saying
as thought that excluded you from
ever having to use them, or

we never had a picnic in a park
that one we never did,
though we did eat dumplings
down by the lakefront,
and the sun was so bright
it hurt, and you were smiling

we never slipped into an easy
seamless meeting
and that you never understood
and never could
or never would

we never, so many things

February  2016


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