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A Song of Furiosa

December 19, 2015

A Song of Furiosa – Oct 3


There is a tale they tell
in the outland wastes
on a cold desert night
when the sky is vast as the black

There is a woman
the rock dwellers gather close
“Tell us a tale,”
“Furiosa, tell us a tale!”

Her hair is silver now
close cropped to her skull.
Scars at her ribs,
her metal arm.
they are the claims to the dead man’s mask
hung now by the fire

she pulls her woolen mantle closer
there are laughter lines threading
at her eyes too –
her mouth sewn in a tight small smile
stern with you for a second
but warm enough to keep you blessed
for a day and a night

tell us a tale

She knows many tales –
of the desert, of the reclaiming,
the sowing and the harvest,
the prayers of the dead and gone,
the missing
the reaping of the wasteland,
and the eternal road –
they ride ever on.

they gather around at her feet,
eyes and teeth hungry for story
her hands are worn smooth by the desert winds

there is one tale, she knows, they like the best.

The tale of a man
(who rode at her side,
who bound her wound,
who gave her his life’s blood)
the tale of a man
named Max.

She saves this tale for last,
when the fire has died low,
but the embers remain bright-
her eyes, shadows,
in the hollow of her face

She begins the story
the one that led to
the return to the citadel,
when the wives walked free,
when there was as much water as you could drink
and no man laid a hand on you
without permission.

but before that –
of the long hell,
of the mudflats and the crows
and the women she had flown to meet
and the home long gone, but returned
and the hope she’d lost,
and the hope she’d found

it is a very old tale now,
her hair shines in the darklight,
it is her favorite too
but it is not her last.
For tomorrow is a new dawn
and a new road


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  1. I am so glad I’ve found your poetry, it’s beautiful and amazing. I love this one!

    • clocktoweratmidnight permalink

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my writing! 😀

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