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Things I Think About While Waiting For the 73 Bus

November 21, 2014

Things I Think About While Waiting For the 73 Bus

I’m glad the bus stop is under an overpass
and the rain isn’t hitting me.
That piece of piping is not a person crouched down.
The street lights are pretty along the pavement.
Why isn’t the bus here yet?
it isn’t snowing, and I’m glad.
-my feet are cold though.
When the train goes by, you can feel
the rumble on the tracks.
This is a city and people are everywhere,
going everywhere, rushing, rushing on.
– my right hand is always colder than my left
because of checking my phone
(I wonder if it’s bitter.)
Nobody talks to me at this bus stop
and I am glad
I am going home to coziness and tea.
How can bicyclists not freeze their faces off?
The dark seeps in slowly along the street.
It’s not Christmas yet, but soon.
– I breathe through my scarf
and smell winter and my own warmth.
My boots make me feel like I could walk a hundred miles
(though I would rather not).
No matter how good the sunlight is for you,
I take pleasure in the gray.
I need to buy thicker socks.
Where do the pigeons go?
I am ready for spring.


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