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A conversation.

August 5, 2012

When Martin Pippin met Mary Poppins.

“Fancy not knowing your own child.” Mary Poppins sniffed.
Martin Pippin shrugged amiably. “Perhaps it is a foolish thing.”
“No perhaps about it,”
And there was little doubt that Mary Poppins thought Martin was very foolish indeed.
But then she always had.
“Never did know what Gillian saw in you.” She ran her gloved finger along the cottage windowsill, frowning at the dust it turned up.
“Tea?” Martin asked brightly. The cottage was clean enough in his mind. Both Gillian and he had better things to do then spend their hours cleaning.
“As long as it isn’t stewed.” Mary Poppins set her handbag down and took a seat the small wooden table. 
“I’ll put a fresh pot on.” Martin stoked the fire, humming pleasantly as he did.
“Now listen, Martin. The village councilmen want you to stop telling stories.”
“Telling stories is what I do.” Martin pointed out.
“Well.” Mary Poppins shrugged her shoulders in a delicate manner, as if to say ‘You know how the village council is.’ 
“And anyway you’re the one who takes them on mad adventures.”
“And who calls them mad?” Mary Poppins’s eyes narrowed slightly.
“That’s just what they say.” Martin assured her.
“I don’t do anything that’s isn’t necessary.” Mary Poppins told him tartly. “Without adventures a child would never get anywhere.”
“Exactly.” said Martin Pippin and poured the tea. “And,”
“And the same goes for stories.” Mary Poppins finished first. “I know your tricks, Martin Pippin and the thing is,”
“The thing is.” Martin repeated, getting out the sugar.
“The thing is stories are useful.” Mary Poppins told him, taking a sip of tea. “Which is why I’ve told the village councilmen that what you’re doing is for The Good Of The Village Children, and they should leave you be.”
Martin Pippins beamed at her. “I always knew you were on my side, Mary Poppins.”
“Nonsense.” She sipped her tea. “I’m on the side of myself.”
“And tea.” Martin put in.
“And tea,” Mary Poppins amended.
“I’ll pour us another.” Martin reached for the kettle.
For all the world, it looked as though she were merely studying her reflection in the polished china tea cup, but for a moment it looked as though Mary Poppins smiled.



(Neither of these delightful characters belong to me. Mary Poppins belongs to P.L. Travers. Martin Pippin belongs to Eleanor Farjeon.)


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One Comment
  1. Beautiful! Mary Poppins is one of my favourites! But I’m not acquainted with Martin Pippins 😁

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