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A day at the library

February 14, 2012

1. Open blinds. Contemplate escape/or burning down IHOP*.

2. Arrange book display for Storytime. Ponder the point of getting small kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

3. Hungry. Ponder stealing goldfish from Storytime.

4. Shelve cart.

5. Avoid creepy patron.

6. Inadvertently smile at creepy patron who always looks directly at me. (My defense mechanism when people look straight at me is to smile and hope they don’t notice anything’s amiss.)

7. Discussing the continuing tragedy of characters you like in ASOIAF with coworker. (He’s currently in Storm of Swords. Everyone is dying.)

8. Smile at cute kid.

9. Kid loses cuteness when it turns out he’s shoved several rows of books to the back of the shelf. Retract smile.

10. Find books to read. Stow in locker.

11. Tweet in stacks.

12. Shelve another cart.

13. Go through what-if-a-gunman-comes-into-the-library-scenario again.

14. Still hungry. Really want goldfish.

15. Coworker’s grandmother has brought in Dove chocolates. Nobly eat several because other librarians are dieting.

16. Coworker’s sweater is black and red stripes. Refrain from making Freddy Krueger joke as she won’t get it.

17. Work on Timely Adventures. Do extensive research as to what kind of dog Rachel should have.

18. Eat lunch.

19. Run list.

20. Straighten kids area.

21. Hide in stacks and play Sporcle on phone.

22. Wave at small girl who waves at me. Hope she doesn’t rat me out for being on phone.

*Prayer, not pancakes.


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