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I lead many lives in my sleep and all of them are tiring

January 7, 2012

I keep having strange dreams. Strange even for me. Layers and layers of reality based themes, mixed in with the odd and the disturbing. One minute I was lured into nostalgia over spending a last night at a friend’s house before she moved…

The next I was trying to hide a younger sibling from an abusive stepfather that our mother refused to leave. It was definitely set in a basement similar to the one I’ve spent the last few years of my life in, yet the younger sibling, the mother, the stepfather were all dream-based.

We found a secret compartment under the floorboards that led to a hidden room where we thought we’d be safe from him. Only in the end, it wasn’t safe.

In another part of the dream, unconnected to that segment, there was a fire that caused an explosion and the basement collapsed. The secret room was discovered, and beneath that corpses were found, lined up, row after row after row.


I woke with the need to explain to my dream mother how important it was that she leave the man she was with, to run from the bodies in the basement, but also the desire to talk to my friend and tell her I miss her.


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